Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cyber Begging?

I happened upon a very interesting list of websites where people were asking (dare I say begging) for money. I believe this whole thing got started with the "Save Karyn" website. A woman put up a website asking for money to help pay off her debts. She actually got donations of money from her website! I remember reading about a man who also got donations from his website but he was in trouble because he was also receiving financial assistance and the money that he got from his website was considered income. In actuality there was nothing that they could do because the money that he got from his website was considered as donations. Another woman put up a website asking for money so that she could get breast implants and guess what - she got enough money to get them!

It might seem hard to believe but there are some people that have put up websites asking for money and have actually gotten money! Of course there are a number of these kinds of websites on the Internet and not all of them are making money. I even saw one website by a guy who offers to put advertising on his chest for a donation/fee. Others have done the same thing in that they offer advertising on their page for a donation or fee.

It really doesn't take too much to put up a website and do the same thing although I can not vouch for how much money you would actually get. You can get a free website and put your information on it, figure out how you will have your money sent to you (a lot of people have used Paypal). I guess one of the harder parts would be coding your website itself. If you have never done it before it can get pretty frustrating figuring out the right html coding to make your website look just the way you want it.

Do I condone this kind of thing? It's really hard to say. I believe that everyone should work for their money. But having a lack of money has caused people to come up with some very unique ideas for getting money.

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