Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm Splitting This Blog In Two

Since the title of this blog is "Working From Home", I have decided that this is what it's main topic is going to be about. I am going to make another blog that will deal specifically with grants and grants in general. Why? Well the title of this blog has always bugged me because its supposed to be about working from home. And while there are a lot of grant programs that can be associated with this the whole subject of grants warrants having a blog just for it. As I continue to find grant programs for clients I am finding out more about grants in general. Things like the corruption that is associated with it, the different types of grants and things related to them has made me decide to start a blog just for the topic of grants. I haven't decided a url for this yet but when I do I will post it here.

Now I will continue this blog because working from home is not only a very popular topic but it is also what I do. I have seen from my stats that my blog pops up in the search engines when people are looking for blogs that discuss working from home. I guess some of them were disappointed when they found out that this blog isn't about any of those "get rich quick" schemes. It's just a blog by someone who actually works at home.

All of the past grant-related information will stay here but I will post a link to the Grants Blog here.

Here is the link to my new blog:

Grant Basics 101 Blog

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