Saturday, April 21, 2007

Grants For Starting A Daycare? Is It Just A Myth?

Unfortunately no it is not and the reason why I say "unfortunately" is because finding the answer doesn't seem to come to easily to those that want to start a daycare and are looking for funding for it. I get a very good idea of just how many people are looking for information about funding to start their own daycare business. I also get a very good idea of just how many people are looking for this type of information from the number of emails that I get! Most of them ask the same questions "Where can I get grant money for my daycare" or "How do I start my own daycare?"

Where can I get grant money for my daycare? - First of all let's make one thing perfectly clear - you don't automatically get a grant! You have to apply for it. The next thing that has to made clear is that you just can't apply for a grant just because you want to start a daycare. It will depend on the kind of daycare it is you want to start. Do you want to start a daycare in your home? First you should see if your state has any daycare-related grant programs that you can apply for. I have seen many home daycares get grant money just because they were providing daycare in an area that needed it so badly.

How Do I Start My Own Daycare? - Well that is going to depend on you. If you're wanting to start your daycare at home and want it to be a licensed daycare then you should check your state's webpage to find out the requirements that have to be met in order for you to operate as a licensed daycare. With that being said what do you think you will need to start your own daycare? Getting the license part out of the way you are going to need a plan. Where will you look after the children, what kind of activities are you going to provide, what kind of food are you going to serve them, what kind of plans do you have for a medical emergency. There is also the question of getting the children and how you do that is the same as how any other business operates and that is to let them know that you are open for business.

Even if you want to start your daycare in a separate facility the above advice still applies but you have the added pressures of paying for your overhead which will include rent/lease, utilities and paying for staff.

Almost everything that you need to know about starting a daycare can be found online and that's including everything from having a daycare-related business plan all the way to different forums and websites from others that operate their own daycare.

While you can't be prepared for everything you will have at least enough to get you started going in the right direction.

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