Monday, February 19, 2007

Taking Something You Love And Turning It Into A Business

I just got finished reading an article about someone who took something that they loved to do and turned it into a business.

What is their business? Board Games!

It's kind of ironic because I can be just as much a computer nut as anybody but there's nothing wrong with playing a board game amongst friends. And apparently a Lot of people feel this way too - so many do in fact to keep this business running and profitable.

A man took his love of playing board games and turned it into a business. Now he had a regular job but he enjoyed playing board games with others and so he decided to turn his love into a business. He first started out of his basement selling the board games but when his orders started to grow he started using a warehouse to house his supply. He distributed flyers (one of the ways that I recommend that a person advertise their business), he had good word of mouth advertising and he also takes orders online. He just recently decided to open his business to the public and allow "walk-in" sales. Before that he was getting his orders by phone and online. He doesn't just sell to individuals - he also sells to schools, recreation centers, etc., He not only sells board games but he also sells the pieces to board games (so the customer doesn't have to buy a completely new game just to get the pieces). Oh, and he doesn't sell any computer games - just board games - including chess and checker sets as well.

So the next time that you think that your idea couldn't possibly make it as a successful business, I want you to remember the above story!

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