Thursday, February 22, 2007


I just downloaded a program that lets you create and make different varients of fractals. If you don't know what fractals are they are those differents shapes that you can create using mathematical formulas like for instance snowflakes. With this particular program I can start with a snowflake design and then make different varients of it.

Now how does this relate to working at home? Well I'm going to tell you. First of all I remember happening upon a website where custom fractals can be designed for customers so that's one work at home idea for you. But the first thing that struck me about fractals and how they can relate to working at home is that a lot of fractals look like pieces of jewelery. You could design a piece of jewelery but you can also design different varients of that one piece of jewelery. What if you start a business where a customer has a specific kind of jewelery in mind that they want designed? You could specialize your jewelery as one of a kind. Even if you don't know how to actually design the jewelery itself you could design the jewelery using a fractal program and then sell it to the customer or to a jewelery maker.

You could set up a website to show your work and offline you could design flyers that talk about your work and business. There is a market for one of a kind jewelery out there and you could tap into that.

Designing jewelery is just one example of what you can do with a fractal program that you can turn into your own work at home business.

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