Friday, February 02, 2007

Can You Make A Living With Ebay?

The answer, of course, is a resounding YES.

There was a show on CNBC about Ebay and it profiled some of the people that were actually making a living using Ebay to buy and sell.

Now I'm sure that I posted about this already but it is well worth repeating!

One woman sells clothing on Ebay. Actually she buys clothing (sometimes at a discount) and then sells it on Ebay at a higher price. And yes she is making a living at it because it is the only thing that she does! A farm family also uses Ebay in their business which consists of selling movies! And it feels very good to them to be able to keep their farm when so many other farm families are losing theirs!

If you have a computer you can access Ebay and it is free to sign up even if you don't buy or sell anything. They have message boards where you can ask questions and these message boards also contain tutorials and help for those that want to know about how to make their buying and selling on Ebay more successful!

Don't think you have anything to sell? I had some old coins from Germany and I put them on Ebay just to test how I would do and I did sell the coins at a profit to me. It was a small profit but I hope you get my meaning here. Look around your house - is their something that you can put on Ebay to sell? How about a book or some clothing? It's best to start with something small because remember you will have to ship the item to the buyer.

What about getting paid? Well when you place an item to sell you are given space so that you can talk about your item and in that space you can say how you want to take payment. It may surprise you to know that lots of people sell on Ebay and will only take a check or money order as payment (and yes people are paying using that method). You can also use Paypal to receive payments.

People have started businesses just buying and selling on Ebay! People go to flea markets and buy things cheaply and then sell them on Ebay. And that is just the beginning! You can gain a reputation as a good source for certain items and people may start to contact you directly and ask you about items. You can get more creative and seek out these specific items and then sell them to the buyer(s) and from there your reputation will grow even more!

I have also seen people selling their services such as writing (and they sell their own publications as well), graphic designing and just so much more than I can mention!

So if you seriously want to work from home you should definitely check out Ebay!

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