Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Grants and Daycare - Let's Try This Again......

Unfortunately there is just no one place that has a grant program for someone that wants to start a daycare. It depends on the TYPE of daycare that you want to start.

There are grant programs for non-profit daycares just as there are grant programs for for-profit daycares and there are some grant programs that may be open to both. The government grant programs website lists grant programs that are open to everyone to apply - that means non-profit, for-profit and even individuals. You may also be eligible for one of the "entrepreneurial" grant programs that are out there if you want to start a business.

It is just not as simple as "I want to start a daycare so where can I get grant money". It will depend on the type of daycare it is that you want to open.

So before you start looking for grant programs answer a few more questions about the type of daycare it is that you want to open.

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