Monday, February 26, 2007

I Want To Be A Web Page Designer...................

I got this email from a young girl who said that she wanted to be a webdesigner. Well she doesn't have her own computer - she uses one at school.

It's not impossible for her to become a webdesigner. First the one thing that she does have is herself! Secondly she does have access to a computer. One of the first things that she should do is become her first customer and design her own webpage. She can get a free webhost from one of the free webhosts that are on the internet. The very next thing to do would be to design her own webpage on a piece of paper FIRST! If she doesn't know what to put on it then she should start with the basics first and that includes a standard, basic form. You can find a sample of a basic webpage form by going to my page. There are also many webpages that have free basic webpage design templates that you can download and use and custom them to your own page's information.

Now there are some basic things that should be put on one's webpage - especially if you are going to use this webpage to generate income! First always include your email address so that people can contact you and include any samples of your work.

After you have uploaded your webpage onto the internet so that everyone can see it then you have to make sure that everyone does see it! What's the best way to do this? TELL EVERYONE THAT YOU KNOW ABOUT YOUR WEBSITE! In fact now is the time to make business cards with your webpage address on it. You can get them designed cheaply or quite simply make them yourself. You can design a simple flyer announcing your new web site!

Another way to get people to your website is for you to make your website as optimized as possible for the search engines. Simply stated this means that you want your webpage address to show up when people are searching for webpage designers. How do you do that? Welll its not easy at first but basically you want to put the right content on your webpage. What is the "right" content? Talk about your webpage design skills, talk about your background and talk about what you can offer your customer - that is a good place to start. Optimizing your webpage for the best search engine results will take time and effort. My webpage visitors are 50% from search engines and 50% from direct links.

You can even start a blog and use that as your webpage! Places like Blogger are good places to start your blog because starting your blog there is a relatively easy process. Just take a look at some of the blogs that other people have and you will get a good idea as to how you would like your blog to appear.

Another good thing about having a blog on Blogger is that you can add Google's Adsense Ads. What are those? Those are ads that are placed on your website or blog and its comparable to having ads in a newspaper. The ads are added by placing a code on your website or blog and the ads that are placed there are relevent to the content that you have on your website or blog. How do you get paid? When a visitor clicks on one of the ads that appear on your site you receive money. When you reach $100 that money will either be mailed to you or you can have it transferred to your bank account. Be forewarned though - In order to earn anything those advertising clicks have to be from legitimate visitors to your site! If you click on those ads yourself it will be considered fraud and you won't get paid but more importantly you run the risk of getting your account cancelled!. How much money could you make using Google's Adsense? One man (who runs a repair site) gets upwards of at least $2000 a month! That's a nice piece of change to be getting monthly!

Once your site is up and on the Internet then you will want to get customers. My very first paying job was as a web designer and the customer was a neighbor of mine. Simply put I showed him my website and he was impressed enough to hire me right then and there.

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