Saturday, March 25, 2006

Looking for investors................

I keep seeing this posted over and over again and a lot of times it is posted in such a way that whoever posts it hopes that investors will come knocking at their door (or at least to their email box).  While I can't rule out this type of method entirely there are more constructive ways of getting this accomplished.  But I get the feeling that people that post this want to go through as little work as possible.

My personal opinion is to avoid investors if you can and the main reason why I say that is because once you take on an investor (or partner) your business isn't your business anymore.  However if you want an investor or partner the best way to accomplish this is to show them "what's in it for them".  Just think about it - why would they want to invest/partner with you?  Take the answer to that question and then put it in presentation form and present it to them. 

And where can you find "them".  Don't let anyone tell you that there aren't any investors around because they are wrong.  There are still angel investors, venture capitalists and just plain individual investors around.  You just have to know where to find them.

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