Saturday, March 11, 2006

If you only knew what I knew!

Some surprising information that I am finding out!  Number one - the information that I posted yesterday about my latest client has to be changed!  One of the funding programs that I mentioned said that the grant award was $20,000.  Well I found out that that is still true HOWEVER they have added another award (which will now be their top award) of $50,000.00!

Number 2 - I have also found out that even the government programs have some surprisingly juicy tidbits of information!  Did you know that there have been government grant funding programs that have not had enough people applying for them!  It is just so hard to believe this kind of stuff!  A $50,000.00 (not the program I mentioned above) went BEGGING for applicants!  And what kind of program was it?  It was grant money to start a business!

This is just too much!

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