Thursday, March 09, 2006

Grant Myth #2 - Grants are only given to non-profit organizations?

Again this is another myth.  My most latest client is a single mother that is looking for grants for starting her daycare business in her home.  If she lives in an area that has a very high need for providing daycare services she will be able to apply for the grant programs that are offered in that area.  There are many of these kinds of grants available for for-profit daycare simply because the need for providing daycare is so great.  One daycare received enough grant money to operate their business simply because they provided 24 hour daycare services. 

There are also a number of entrepreneurial grants for both minorities and women for financial help to help start their own business.  Mind you I said business and NOT non-profit!  The government also has grant programs that are open for ALL to apply - meaning the general public and that includes individuals as well as for-profit businesses.

So this is another myth about grants.

If you think that there are grants only for non-profits then you haven't been looking in the right places!  As a matter of fact there are some examples of individuals and for-profits that have received grants that I have on my grants page.

These are not made up people and businesses.  They are actual grant recipients that are not non-profits.  So if you think that only non-profits are eligible for grants then please go to my grants page and read about those that have received grants.

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