Friday, March 10, 2006

No for-profit grants huh?

As I mentioned before my most latest client is a minority single mother who is currently enrolled in college who is is looking for grant money to help start her own daycare business.  So far the information that I have found for her includes:

1.  An Entrepreneurial Grant program that awards a $20,000 grant to help start one's business.  A business plan has to be submitted and judged by a panel so I will include a sample business plan for them to have a reference.  A copy of the the program's application will also be included as well as the web site address, physical address and telephone number of the program itself.  The deadline is in November so she still has a good amount of time left to apply.

2. Another entrepreneurial grant program that provides $1,000-$5,000 for support of new small businesses. They also have many different programs to help support new businesses.

3.  An organization that celebrates independence through education by awarding grants and scholarships to single parent women and their children.  This funding program provides money directly to the Colleges,  Universities and student loan providers for the purpose of helping these women complete and pay for their education. The program also offer assistance for childcare, books and other basic needs.

So if anyone tells you that there are no grant funding programs for individual or for those starting their own business you can print out this page and show it to them!

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