Sunday, December 18, 2005

Take a program that you already have installed and...........

turn THAT into a business!

I just got finished playing around with some of the sound programs on my computer.  It wasn't for a professional job - I was just playing around with the programs.  (If you'd like to hear it just go to my "Shoutout" Page at:

and click on the box that says "Testing 1 - 2................"

It's just a quick thing that I was having fun with and then I decided to put it online.  But it is just another reminder of how you can take one program and turn it into a business.  I know that there are a lot more sophisticated sound/music programs out there but you can do a lot with the "sound recorder" program if it already came as part of the software on your computer.  I get lots of email from people that say that want to start their own recording studio and I'm just wondering how many people have this little program gem on their computer and aren't aware of it.  You could start your own little production company (and I have seen examples of people that actually do this!).  You can start out making funny messages for people's answering machines.  You put a sample on your webpage and do some advertising and some marketing and some promotion to get people to listen to it and then the orders would come from there.  So many people ask about how they can get people to come to their pages without having to pay a lot of money and there are ways that you can advertise and promote your site without having to pay a lot of money.  You have to realize that not everybody has a lot of money to start with and they use the resources that they have to bring more visitors (and potential customers) to their pages.  As they get more and more orders they can increase the amount that they can spend on advertising and such.  Also too, as you become more and more familiar with the work you are doing you can increase your know-how by adding services that involve music such as making demos and full-blown recordings and its not just music that you can work with you can also work with sounds and sound effects too. 

And the best part is that this is a business that you can start at home using your computer.  Don't think it would work?  Well guess what!  A guy won a grammy for his music that he made entirely at home!

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