Monday, December 12, 2005

"I was just laid off......."

I saw this line again when I was online and it got me to thinking about what could be done when you get laid off.  First of all if you are reading this that means that you have a computer - or at least have access to one - and that just opens up so many possibilities for you!

Many people dream about being able to work at home and it is something that a LOT of people are doing.  They took their dreams and turned them into a reality.  Just a few nights ago I was watching a program about how one could start their own business by putting things up on sale on Ebay.  I have done it and I was scared at first but I managed to get through my nervousness and trepidation and viola!  I sold my very first item!  I have to tell you that the program I saw wasn't one of those "get rich" infomercials but a program by a woman that showed some very good tips and steps for selling things on Ebay.

This is definitely something that one can do at home and make a business out of it.  You could "raid" your house to see what you could auction and if you think that you don't have anything to sell you should take a look at some of the things that sell on Ebay!

I know that you might be scared and/or afraid but think of it in terms of a regular auction - which is really what it is - just on the computer.  Sure you have to take that first step but if you have dreamt of working from home this is definitely something that you should consider doing.  I have even considered doing it on a more regular basis when I come across something that would make a good auction piece.  And its not just individuals that sell on Ebay its companies and the government (I heard) that use it too.

I watched a very interesting program on television about a group of women that made quilts.  Now I myself have seen grant programs for quiltmaking and things that are related to it but what interested me about this particular program was the fact that they had a little web page and asked for people to send their quilt patches and they got so many in response.  It just goes to show you how having a webpage (even if its a little one) can make a huge difference.  So if you don't have a webpage you should really have one.  Your business should have one.  But don't think having a webpage is just for business.  You should take a look at a few of my personal pages and the personal pages of others.  That's why they put them on the Internet so that everyone can see them and show the world what they are all about.

But getting back to the original topic about being able to earn an income after you have just gotten laid off...................The fastest way to make money is to find a need and fill it.  For example after the recent snowstorm here there were people going door to door shoveling snow.  That's a way to make some fast cash.  You could even set up an arrangement where you would do the shoveling on a needed basis.  It wouldn't be hard to make a contract/invoice on your computer and use it as your agreement.  You could make a flyer and distribute it around and start to build up a clientel.  You could offer additional services like yardwork, running errands and the like.

The best way is to take something that you love to do and turn that into a business.  For me personally time just flies when I'm on the computer whether I'm designing a flyer, doing some production work or finding information for a client.  For you it may be something different but it can be turned into a business.  You could even take something that you hate to do and turn THAT into a business!  No matter how "silly" you may think your idea (or dream) is you can turn that into a business for yourself!  Isn't that what you want to do?

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