Friday, December 23, 2005

A Nursing Home reaching out to its visitors

Family and loved ones have every right to feel concerned when one of their own has to placed in a nursing home facility.  On the other hand a nursing home does have to protect itself from false accusations.  I became aware of this when I was approached by a nursing home that wanted 2 things actually.  Number 1 they wanted a web presence and number 2 they wanted me to design a visitor survey/suggestion/complaint box form to help with the feedback.  This nursing home had no web presence at all and was quite surprised when I informed them of the information about them that was online.  A typical "investigative" research search is $1200.00!  But you'd be surprised at what information there is out there about a business.  Whether it well founded or not the business will at least want to know what is being said about them.  In some cases they may even be able to bring some legal action if it is warranted.

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