Thursday, December 22, 2005

I guess people don't know a good thing when they have it!

Yet another question/question/query/email about finding a investor or investors.....My personal opinion is to avoid seeking an investor or investors solely for the reason that your project will not be 100% yours!  You will be sharing any and all profits that you make with your investor(s).

But if what you want are investors you have one of the most valuable tools at your disposal.  And if you are reading this entry then that means that you already have it and it is having access to the Internet!  Did you know that there are lists (and lists) of potental investors online?  There are also lists and directories of venture capitalists - and yes there are still some legitimate venture capitalists (and angel investors) out there as well.  If you are seeking an investor then there is also tons of information on the Internet to help you - everything from what kind of information you should have to actual accounts of the process that people have used to get investors.

If you are seekng investors then you have more resources than you know!

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