Saturday, October 08, 2005

Student Loans and Paying Them Back

A lot of searches have been done lately about finding a way to pay off student loans.  I did some checking myself and found out a lot of interesting information.  Usually these student loans are signed without reading all of the terms.  I mention this because there are some loans that don't have to be paid back and/or are forgiven.  But it will depend on the terms of your student loan.

There are also some programs in place where if you perform some public/non-profit service your repayment amount will be reduced and in some cases the loan will be forgiven totally.

There is also a program in place where teachers can receive a total loan forgivenenss if they teach in low-incomed areas and/or they teach certain subjects.

So it will depend on many things and it will also depend on the terms of your original student loan.

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