Sunday, October 23, 2005

Grants For Seniors including repairs to the home

Being old, female and poor should be enough to find some sort of help to get $$ for home repair.  I sent in paperwork for weeks and  then was told I make too much (SS) for a grant and I don't have good enough credit to get a low interest loan.  I thought they were for low income people.  Only reason I have no credit is cause I don't buy on credit!  Where do you go to find help?  My house is in need of repairs badly. 

I don't know which program you applied for but there are programs for those that are elderly.  Case in point - I'm helping a relative of mine because their heating system is not working and the program will repair it for free!  It's really crazy because the same program will also pay an amount to her heating bill as well.  It won't cover the whole bill but there will be 2 grants that will be applied towards the heating bill plus the repair work to her heating system.  As a matter of fact if her heating system is shot they will install a new one!There are also programs that are tied in with the lottery - you know the money being used for programs to help the elderly - got a relative (I don't qualify but I did get some compensation) a $500 check that was deposited to her bank account - from a government program.In the area where I live the residents are eligible for $20,000.00 in repairs from a grant program.So you're not looking in the right places or the specifics of the program that you were applying for have to be better known.

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