Friday, October 28, 2005

Guess what's on the radio right now?

So the jazz radio station is playing in the background and on comes a commercial about how people are quitting their jobs and starting a business by buying and selling on Ebay.

You know this isn't a myth.  There are actual examples of people who are able to make a living by buying and/or selling on Ebay.  I myself have used Ebay.  There was even a special on CNBC about Ebay and how big it has grown!

So this is another option that you might want to try as a business of your own to start.  Some people have made a career of going to flea markets and buying and selling those items on Ebay!  If you specialize in a certain type of product you might even build up a following who will try and contact you first and buy your product(s) even before you have had the chance to put them up for auction on Ebay!

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