Sunday, October 16, 2005

"I Wished I Could Work At Home Like You"

This line was in one of the most recent emails sent to me. As I have said time and time again almost ANY thing can be turned into a work at home business! If you can repair things - you have got a business! You can even turn something you hate into a business! What I do is consultations, research and customized business plans. I had originally started doing webpages and graphic designs which I still do on occassion but mine is a perfect example of taking something that you love to do and turning it into a business - a work at home business. One of the business plans that I customize is one specifically for those that want to work at home with their computer but its not for everyone because it has to do with the adult and sex websites/industry. But this is a perfect example of working at home because it involves working with your computer and earning an income. Where did I get the idea for this? Someone sent me an email saying that they wanted to make $5K a month and they didn't include any other kind of information like any interests or hobbies that they had. They just said that they wanted to make 5K a month. I thought that they were just being a smart alek but you know what? My mind got to thinking and I remember reading about how the adult sites - some of them - make over $1 Million Dollars a Month and that got me to thinking and that is how I came up with the Business Plan - which is called XXX.

Now bear in mind this is just one example of a business that one can start from home. The best businesses would be something that you love to do or even what you would consider your dream job. You can take an interest or even something that you hate to do and turn that into a business. How ironic is that to be able to make an income from something that you hate to do!

I get email from single mothers and those who are retired and even from those who haven't reached the age of 18 and you can still earn a living even if you are a minor. Lots of young people are making a living - sometimes even making more than their parents do!

It all comes down to desire! You have to have focus - that's why having a business plan is always recommended - and I don't just say that because I sell them - I and many others have advised the same thing.

I especially like consulting those that have no clue as to what kind of business that they could start and with just a few insights they are well on their way.

Believe me there is no hidden secret about being able to work from your home. There is work and diligence and patience but no secret. But those that had the desire are the ones that are doing it. It's not just me - its many, many people. People are starting their own businesses selling candles, herbs, spices, tarot and astrology readings, giving advice, starting newsletters (for which they get paid to advertise/subscribers), doing repairs, running errands - almost any thing that you can think of there is either someone who is doing it now or doing something that is close to it!

You can't tell me that you can't work from home! Now its up to you to make it happen!

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