Saturday, October 15, 2005

Finding Home Care Benefits For Seniors

Unfortunately I just can't agree with the last post.  Remember that the oringinal poster said that their loved one was able to get the benefits in their original state - they just have to find the same service in their current state.

There are just too many government programs that are available and especially more so in the case of seniors.  I have been able to get benefits, even cash in check form for a relative of mine who is a senior.  What is most ironic is that some of these programs go begging for wanting others to know about them and as it was explained to me "the government has the programs - just not the money (or the inclination?) to advertise them.

In the case of the original poster it may be hard to find the program(s) that best fit your needs but it is not impossible.  You have to take into consideration that not everyone knows about every program even though they may be a social worker because old funding programs are cancelled and new ones are created - some programs even go through changes and are re-named or something along those lines.

As I have learned you are going to have to find the programs - the reason that you are getting the "run-around" is probably because they don't even know about the programs.  Basic information about funding programs - in any category - has to be understood that finding them is not as simple as 1-2-3.

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