Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Latch-key Kids - Starting A Program For?

"looking for grant to build and start latch key program.  for kids ages 10 to 14. "

If I understand you correctly you are talking about starting a program similar to daycare where you watch/supervise the children and there are definitely funding programs for that.  There are also a lot of teen-related programs and it would help if you had some kind of theme such as helping to improve the community or even helping them improve their educational skills and abilities. 

As I have stated many times before there are many grant programs for child care - even children that are older and are teenagers.  Another route you should take in looking for grant funding would be your own specific area.  There are grant programs that are available for specific regions.  There are also grant programs that have the objective of "bettering" the community (and society as well) - one in particular that has an annual program with a grant amount of $100,000.00!

It seems that you are looking for just any kind of grant funding program where what I would advise is that first you find some sort of theme and then find funding programs that are related to that theme.  While you could look into funding programs that are just general in nature (for providing daycare/supervision services) you can increase the number of grant programs that you can apply for if you include specific themes and objectives as well.

There are definitely a lot of grant programs that you should be looking into because providing daycare (even for teenagers) is a very big concern and that is why there are a lot of funding programs for it!

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