Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The great "government grant" debate continues

Of all the subjects that I have decided to pursue this one has brought forth the most emotional feedback.  The basic question comes down to "Can I get a government grant to start my own business?"  My answer is yes, but there are some "buts" here.  There are 2 ways of applying for a government grant.  Either you find a grant that is open to individuals and/or for-profits and small businesses and tailor your business proposal to that grant OR decide what kind of business you want to start and then find a grant that you can apply for that relates to the kind of business that you want to start.

There's is a debate about the words "free government money".  Yes, the money is free in that you do not have to pay it back.  However you do have to qualify for the grant.  You have to apply for the grant.  And you have to be approved for the grant.

Another debatable term is "starting a business".  My viewpoint on this is simply that "starting a business" starts when you decide to start a business.  You do not need equipment, or employess to "start" a business.  You start a business when you actually decide to start a business.

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