Saturday, March 05, 2005

Argh! I had to re-install AOL! (again!)

Oh good grief! I had to re-install AOL again today! I tried to sign on and got that little waterdrop sound. I tried to install their latest version which is 9.0 but I settled for 7.0! A good thing about having to go thru this again was at least I got to install a newer version - but still it is such a hassle! But I got through it and at least I know (since I have had to go through this more than 1 time) I can re-install the program again and although it took me a good three hours to do it - it could have been a LOT more worse!

I'm still not happy that AOL decided to cancel access to the Usenet Newsgroups though and I want that access BACK!

If you feel the same please go and vote in my poll. You might just be curious enough to see the results posted so far.

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