Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Hi!, My dream job is working for my self. I have trouble working for others. My problem is my appearance. Inside I feel fine. Out side people laught at me. I have some sort of problem with affect. Like when someone is insulted some people will laught! well I have no control what I look like. I have alot of skills because I have worked every job you can emagine and then some I have a very high IQ, and I feel I have talent in the Arts, but then again this is what I think. I am tired of looking for work every 90 days with is the probation peroid of most jobs. I just started a new job $22.00 @ hr. but I already know I will not last!, Can you help? I have no savings , I owned nothing!. I am at my lowest point in my life.Thank you for your email.

It sounds like working from your home would be just the thing for you! $22 an hour is not bad and it is a lot more than what a lot of other people are getting salary-wise.If you want to work from your home you must have at least some idea of what kind of business you would like to start. If not you could start a business that is already in high demand like starting a day care service, cleaning houses or running errands. These kind of businesses are always in high demand.

If the above ideas are too physical or don't appeal to you and you have your heart set on working from your computer then there are things you can do. There is the option of starting a business like the one I mention on my Consultation Page that is called Business Plan XXX. It is called that because it is a business one can start working at their computer. However it related to the Adult Sex sites that abound on the Internet and it is NOT for everybody! It is however a perfect example of tapping into a market that is already making people as much as $1 Million Dollars a month and you would be tapping into that. It is not a business where you actually participate directly but do indirectly. It is however for those that want to start their own work at home computer business.

If this is not for you then you should take the same concept that is used in this business plan and apply it to another business or industry. Of all the things that you don't have don't forget the things that you DO have which are your computer and yourself.If you have a specific interest, hobby or dream job in mind please let me know since you didn't mention a specific one above.

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