Monday, April 04, 2005

I'm being compared to Matthew Lesko.....

Here is an excerpt:

My reply to a post=Again, its the research I provide and not the grant writing service. No>where on my page do I say that the grant is guarenteed. It is the research>that I am providing for those that want grant information about the>objectives that they are trying to achieve.>

The reply I received=As we figured -- you're another Lesko.>>>

My reply=I really do not mind being compared with Matthew Lesko. I don't work for him and have never met him but I have had him reply to my comments.

From his own words he has said that he originally starting doing grant work for big companies and when he saw how much regular people were missing out he decided to offer his services to them. I have seen the quotes of what Bush said about him and read about his dealings and experiences with the Federal Trade Commission. I have also seen testimonials from those who have gotten grants as a result of the books he sells. I have also seen his website where he recommends that if people don't believe him about government grants or grants of any kind that they can do the research theirselves if they don't believe him - which is exactly the same thing that I am saying so I don't mind being compared to him at all.

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