Saturday, March 12, 2005

Making it Work!

I usually tell people to start a business doing something that they love to do or ask them what their dream job is.

For example just recently I read a post from a group I belong to where a woman was interested in pursuing astrology as a career (Yes I said ASTROLOGY!). She asked for advice from others as to whether or not she should pursue it as a career and wondered if she could make a profit from it. The very first person that replied to her said not to. Why? Because she had went to college and got her degree and want to pursue the same kind of career herself. She said that she found that besides people asking for free readings she had got not one paying customer and that was her reason for suggesting that the original poster not try to pursue it either. Of course I could tell from her post that she was feeling frustrated and disappointed but I also knew that she was wrong. So what I did was email an astrologer who had an online site and was working from her home and I told her about it. She emailed me back the next day saying the reason why her site and her astrology career was successful was because of one simple reason - She had decided to MAKE it work! Just as simple as that.

I'm going to include a quote that she had on her page onto my own site. But my point here is to say that no matter what kind of home business you want to start there is already someone out there who is doing it successfully (and profitably) now.

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