Sunday, April 06, 2008

I'm A Photographer!

Remember when I said that one never knows what kind of hidden talents they might posess? Well I have recently come to find out that I am a photographer! It never really occurred until I was visiting one of my "art" galleries that I have online. (You can find out more about my "art" by going to my The 3D Beginner blog.

I was looking at other people's art galleries and realized that they had included their own photography into their galleries and I thought to myself that 'hey, I have pictures that I have taken too!' and I started adding them to my art galleries as well.

I have taken quite a few pictures of my local area and have added them to my blog. Now some of the pictures look blurry and some of them are not 100% clear but it is still photography. What is also interesting to note is that most of the pictures that I have taken so far have been with my camera phone. (Note to myself - I need a digital camera!).

Now since I have earned an income from my blogs that means that I can deduct the cost of a lot of things (business expenses) as far as my income taxes are concerned. What comes mostly to mind is that I could buy a digital camera and deduct the cost of it on my income taxes.

Now you may ask about how does this relate to working from home and hopefully it would be obvious but just in case it is not...............................

Because I have a website and blog about my local area, I have been getting email from those that have seen them and these pages are started to get a reputation and their popularity is growing. I have gotten email from some of the local businesses and organizations in the area as well. I put up a picture of our local church and got a nice email from a woman who said that she was feeling nostalgic about the area and was searching online and up came the picture that I had posted of the local church. She said looking at that picture brought back a lot of memories......................

You could start your own little newsletter-type thing about your local area as well. It could be a blog or a website (both that you can get for free!) and you could start to put content on it about your local area. Sign up for adsense so that you can have advertising on your site and start to earn an income from the adsense. Once you reach a certain amount in adsense earnings you can declare this as your business and start to be able to deduct business expenses that are related to running it. Invest in a cameraphone and/or digital camera and go around the area and take pictures. Put those pictures on your site. Let your site build up a reputation and as more and more people come to visit your site it will gain an even bigger reputation. You can then solicit the businesses in your area to advertise on your site. You can make good money using adsense but you can make even more money by getting advertisers directly!

I also have a LaMott Radio (Internet) Station and a LaMott podcast (that I'm still working on) as well. The internet radio station has a yearly fee but the podcast hosting is free.

There are just so many possibilities that one can work with when building up a business such as this. But the important thing to remember is that since your income will be had from advertisers that you have to appeal to them in order for them to want to advertise on your site. Then there can be other forms of income coming from it as well. You could even classify yourself as a reporting and report on different events and issure in your area as well.

There are just so many ways that one can go with an idea such as this one!

Give it some real consideration as a possible business for you to start that you can work from home from it.

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