Friday, April 04, 2008


I recently had a chance to view a little bit of "America's Next Top Model" and I also recently was looking at a blog about an American Idol contestant who was recently voted off the show.

I really do have mixed feelings about these types of shows. On the one hand they provide great experience for those that have aspirations of fulfilling their Dream Jobs. But on the other hand when they are dropped or voted off it seems so cruel. Some of them have said that they have not given up on their dreams and that they were going to continue to pursue their dreams.

Good For Them!

It can be really tough when you have a dream and sometimes it seems like everything becomes an obstacle - but that is when you have to continue - no matter what anyone else says! I heard a quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer that said "Never let your music die inside of you" and he was referring to his own daughter who wanted to leave school and pursue a singing career. Her father gave her his blessings and even took her on the road with him when he was giving lectures. She has her own CD out now and she is continuing her career as a singer.

If you have a dream that is inside of you that is dying to come out then you should pursue it. There are countless examples of people who have pursued their passions and won! It would do you good to read about some of them. Some of them faced obstacles that are ten times those that you yourself may have to face but yet and still they reached their goals!

What Is YOUR Dream Job?

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