Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Are You A Billionaire In The Making?

I found another very good article that will interest those who are looking to get (filthy) rich! The article talks about the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Did you know that Warren Buffet gives most of his money away to charity? And yet and still he is a billionaire.

I will provide a link to the article at the end of this post.

I posted about it because what stood out in the article was that it said that these two men were visionaries and were willing to take risks.

These are 2 important things that you should keep in mind when you are wanting to start your own business.

I say that because while having one's own business is a very rewarding feeling you should also know that its not always going to be 100% perfect. But if you don't mind being as rich as say a Warren Buffet or a Bill Gates then you will strive to continue on until you succeed.

Are You A Billionaire In The Making?

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