Wednesday, April 09, 2008

How Is This For Inspiration?

I'm embedding the code for a YouTube video. (I sure hope it works!)

I saw this video posted on someone else's site and its an excerpt from the movie "The Pursuit Of Happiness". Will Smith plays a man who was at a very low time in his life and he decided to change his life for the better! The story is based on a real-life man who did just that!

If I remember the story correctly the man was homeless and he had a little baby son to take care of. He used to bathe his son in public restrooms! One day he saw a man who was driving a very fancy sports car and he asked the man how did he make his money? The man said he was a stockbroker and so then he decided then and there that that was what he was going to do and he went on to pursue and fulfill his dreams!


Bob said...

Yeah, that was a great movie, and based on a true life story. The music was good too. Thanks for the inspirational reminder.

Rose said...

Anything inspirational that I find I try to put here although I realize that not everyone has a high-speed internet connection, I did include this for that do have it.

Hope it inspires a lot of people to show what is possible!