Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There Are More Opportunities Out There Than You May Think!

On a previous post I talked about podcasting which involved recording your voice and then uploading it to your podcast so that it would be a part of your podcast.

Here is another related opportunity. You know that there are still open casting calls out there? News and information about open casting calls are on the internet too and if you know the right sites to go to then you can find out about the latest casting calls.

With the popularity of animated movies comes the opportunity for "voice" actors and I have seen open casting calls from film studios and productions sending notices about open casting calls for voice actors. Now some of these roles don't pay anything but some of them do!

The lastest casting call that I have seen was a paying, non-union role that is paying over $100 for a voice over actor. Sometimes the audition process can even involve you reading from an already made script and submitting your reading via email or their website. Once you have the information about the audition and have a copy of the script excerpt all you have to do is record yourself reading the script and then upload it per their instructions.

I know that it can be hard and sometimes even frustrating for those that want to go into show business but the more opportunities that you can take advantage of the more better for your and your career.

I also realize that this doesn't fall under the "working from home" category but it does fall under the "being able to make an income" category and lets face it - there are still a lot of people that want the security of being able to work for someone else rather than starting a business of their own.

That's not to say that actors can't have a business of their own. Many do! Big stars generate income from other sources besides their acting careers. The start clothing lines, create perfumes, they start their own production companies and they even write books.

So just because you have decided that you want to become an actor, that doesn't mean that acting could be your only source of income. Besides many actors have said that they themselves are the product and they look at it as a business - that they are in charge of - so in a way they are working for themselves.

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