Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Person Of Many Talents...................

Doing grant research involves doing a lot of detailed work. So it's nice to be able to do something else as well. Here you see a render of myself (sort-of-LOL!) that I made myself using DazStudio! It's a pretty good likeness of me except I haven't included my glasses but the hair is just about right! I have taken this render of myself and have used it as my avatar on a lot of other sites that I belong to. Its just a good enough picture to be not of me exactly but very close! A lot of people would like to have the same kind of picture of themselves so that they can use them as avatars or on their website.

I was thinking that this would be a very good business to go into. Now I'm not an expert at 3d design but I do have an interest in it and I'm still learning more about it by doing it.

Did you know that the program that I made this render with was a free download! If I would have bought the program it would cost over $200! And even then if I had bought the program and was able to get some clients who wanted me to do renders of them - I could deduct the cost of the software because I used it in my work.

I also talk about on my consultation page about how you can take programs that are already installed on your computer and start a business of your own using the program(s).

There are many people that have more than one talent and you may be one of them. Something that is of interest to you but you don't think that you could start a business with - you would be sadly mistaken!

Just take note of what I was talking about above. Do you think that that is a good picture? Do you think that others would be interested in having a 3D render of themselves that they could use for..........whatever? Do you think enough people would be interested so that one could start their own business just doing this? And who would be able to start a business like this? That would be someone - maybe even a student - who was interested in 3d design and is doing it now but didn't think that they could earn money from doing it.

This applies to you too? Is there a talent that you have?


Lawny said...

That is a nice render for a complete newbie ive also tryed DazStudio but found it a bit hard and more learning to do so i stick with photoshop

Rose said...

Daz Studio is great! I got it as a free download. I found out about the free download from another blog
I love this program and you can also see my 3D page where I talk about my progress with the program!

I agree with you that the program is a bit hard to learn at first but there are soooo many things that you can do with it. Poser is on my wishlist but having DazStudio in the meantime is great! Once I saw what the program can do it just wets my appetite to do more - plus I have seen what others have been able to do with the program and I am jealouse - which just motivates me more!

Just give it some time and you will come to love this program too!