Friday, October 12, 2007

Starting Your Own Resume Typing Business?

I had previously posted about the possibility of starting one's own resume typing business but I was reminded of it again yesterday when one of my previous clients was in a pinch!

You see they wanted to apply for a job opening that they had heard about but the problem was that they could only apply for the position at the company's website. Unfortunately this job applicant didn't have a computer of their own and even then they weren't that proficient with using one. So this person was kind of in a bind.

They had their resume typed up and took it to a printing shop to have copies made of it. However the person needed to submit their resume online and that was a service that the printing shop did not provide.

So what I did was that I had to type the resume all over again because the company's website only provided for transferring the resume (actually it involved uploading the resume) to their site and I had to get this person's resume into my computer before I could transfer it to the company's website. (Personally I just think that this makes it so much more complicated than just being able to submit your resume in person).

So as I was typing the resume it occurred to me that there is still a need for such a service. You have to remember that not everyone has a computer and even then while some people do have their own computer they either don't want to be bothered with typing their own resume or they just don't know how - and that is where you and your business come in!

If you have never typed a resume before (possible thinking that you couldn't start this kind of business because you never did it before) you can always learn! If your computer has such a program like Microsoft Word or WordPerfect already installed then you can open those programs and use one of their resume-like templates. There are even books in the library and other software programs dedicated especially to resumes!

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