Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Clients - Let's Face It! Some Of Them Are Cheap!

I could tell you a lot of stories from personal experience about so-called clients that wanted me to do work for them for less than what I charge! But I'm going to use that experience to warn you!

I once heard Suze Orman say "Don't Put Yourself On Sale!" She was talking about this in a seminar where she talked about how women would be so accomodating by providing free work. Now this isn't just limited to women - it is for anyone thinking about starting a business of their own - whether you want to work from home or start your own business period!

Number 1 - whether you are providing a service or a product do some research online and find out what similar people are charging. That way you will know that the amount that you are charging for your product or services is a fair amount to charge - no matter what a potential client tries to say to convince you otherwise.

There is the question of when one is just starting out that shouldn't they do some work on a volunteer or reduced-price kind of thing. To get your foot in the door you may want to start off doing it this way because it does provide you with publicity and good practice skills but don't do it to the point of being taken advantage of.

It just comes down to stating your price and remaining firm!

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