Thursday, May 17, 2007

Should You Have A Blog?

In my opinion - YES! Knowing that you can make money with your blog should be reason enough for having one! Don't think that you would have anything to say? Well the fact that you can make money with your blog should give you enough incentive to think of something to say.

What's it like having a blog? It's just like having your own diary (one day soon I'm going to review the movie "Bridget Jones's Diary") where you post entries like your thoughts and so on.... The only difference is that since it will be online that will mean than anyone could view your blog. But I think that that is the appeal of having a blog.

Once you have your blog set up - is a good place to set up your blog and what's even better about Blogger is that they encourage you to add Adsense affiliate ads to your blog. If you're still having doubts or want to see what others blogs look like you can still go to the Blogger website and take a look at other people's blogs.

I have been seeing a lot of websites and blogs that talk about making money with Adsense and blogs. As I have posted before there have even been a few people that have made over $1 Million Dollars using Adsense. And once you start getting those checks you want to make more and more money so you find ways to make your blog/website more profitable. That's what a lot of people are doing now once they have had that taste of getting those Adsense checks!

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