Saturday, May 26, 2007

Having An Internet Radio Station

I don't know if I mentioned it before but I do have an Internet Radio Station:

LaMott Radio

LaMott Radio

Now the reason why I mention this is because like almost everything else this has the possibilities for another work at home thing that one can do.

I have a background in radio as I used to be a DJ for a number of years at a number of different radio stations with different music formats. I have worked for big band stations, stations that played classic rock and roll and stations that played gospel music! As you can guess a lot of this work was fun and I did miss it. So when I saw Live I was very interested! Live is a website that hosts your own internet radio station. You can do a live broadcast or you can do a "canned" broadcast. Your station (as the website's name says) will be live 365 days a year!

If you visit the site you will see a list of the many different Internet radio stations that are out there and the many different types of formats that they have. My Internet Radio Station's format is music to put you in the mood - whatever that mood might be .....

But anyway back to the subject of how this relates to working from home............

Live365's policy is that you can't have paid advertising on your broadcast but you CAN have it on a webpage that you use as your Internet Radio Station's webpage - so just think of all the possibilities that that can accept advertising, start a newsletter that corresponds to your station and just so many other things that relate to it.

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