Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How Much Money Can You Make With Your Blog?

How much money can you make with your blog? The answer is a LOT! I've been to a few blogs where they post how much money they have made with their blogs but today I stumbled upon a list of bloggers and how much they made in a year. The amounts will amaze you and yes there have been some that have made over a million dollars in a year with their blog. Here is a link to that list:

List of Blogger Salaries

Once you see this list you will be astounded at the amount of money people have made with their blogs!

You may be thinking that you couldn't make that much but you don't really know for sure do you? One very interesting thing about this list of bloggers is that they are remaining true to their content. In other words when you start your blog make sure that it has a theme and stick to that theme! One of the most often cited tips about improving your blog's traffic is for you to provide good content. Stick to the theme of your content and the visitors will come back again and again to hear what you have to say.

Don't think that you have anything to say? I think you're wrong. Why? Because I have seen blogs that discuss everything from what a person did that particular day to blogs from people that post about their political beliefs - and everything in between.

So one of the ways that you can make money online is for you to start a blog. I recommend Blogger.com as a good place to start. Start posting to your blog and have a specific theme in mind. Once you have a few entries in your blog sign up for Google's Adsense so that you can start making money with your blog.

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