Saturday, March 31, 2007


If you haven't heard of just think of it as a big networking and social site. Basically Myspace gives you your own space on the web. You can have a MySpace website as well as a blog on MySpace.

Now the reason that I am writing about them here is that I notice that a lot of bands have Myspace sites where they post their music, post about their latest CD releases and post about where their bands will be playing. It's a great site to get noticed! So if you have a band or are a lone singer and you don't have a MySpace page you should seriously consider getting one. You don't have to pay anything - registering for your own MySpace page is free. Now if you're new to Myspace then you might have some problems starting to configure your page as you would like it but there is helpful information there.

And just in case you're wondering - Yes I do have a Myspace page:

Now even if you're not a band you should consider having a Myspace page simply because of its networking possibilities. Myspace isn't only for bands. You will see that all types of people have a MySpace page - teenagers, older people and just regular people - they all have a MySpace page. And as time goes on people will ask to be added as your "friends" and you can ask to added as a "friend" when you find a Myspace member that you would like to be friends with. MySpace has over a million members now so that means that the site is very popular. You can build up a network of social friends, professional friends and so on. Lots of people advertise about their business on MySpace and you can use the site to advertise and talk about your own business. You can post bulletins about your business, add pictures of your products and/or talk about your services - all to a site that has over a million members!

You can even get famous having a MySpace page! There was a woman on Dr. Phil's show who has a very popular MySpace page.

But the point is that having a MySpace page increases your visibility and shows you (and your business) to a whole new set of people. The more resources you use to show your business the more your business will be seen!

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