Monday, March 26, 2007

Search Engine Optimizer?

Not "Search Engine Optimization" but "optimizer!

What is that? It is a person that knows about how to make your website(s) show higher on the search engine rankings.

This is definitely a career/job that one can do from home but only if one knows what they are doing! I actually just saw a post from someone that is willing to pay someone to optimize their website. Of course they weren't offering a lot in the way of acutal payment amounts but you should know that people that do this kind of work are quite (rightly so) well paid! For example I know of one company that will charge $200 per page as far as to optimizing that page for the search engines. This is a skill that I myself can do as well and if you know about how to make a webpage rank higher in the search engines then this is a skill that you too have.

Basically speaking this is a business that you can start from home. Although it may sound complicated you only need to use your own webpage as your marketing tool. If you know how to get people to your website then you know how to get people/visitors to another person's website!

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