Thursday, March 08, 2007

Of Course Grants Are Not Just For Individuals.....

Government grant programs are not just for individuals of course. Remember what I said about grant programs being put in place to help fill a need or raise the awareness of something? The following is just an example of a grant program for just that reason:

The most recent $3 trillion budget includes $175 million for what Peters called a “congestion relief strategy” that would target congestion in cities, ports, borders, airports, and interstates. Beginning this spring the federal government plans to dole out $230 million in grants for localities to build electronic toll systems to help ease congestion and steer traffic into using “peak-pricing” tolls to spread out traffic.

Basically what this means is that localities can apply for this grant money to help ease the burden of congestion as far as traffic is concerned.

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Logistics Management

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