Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Grant Program Gone Bad?

Sometimes even the most well-intentioned grant program can go awry!  To help with providing security in schools a grant program was initiated to provide funds for schools to provide better security.  One school applied for this new grant right away and got a $75,000 grant to install digital surveillance cameras in their school.  However (as you might imagine) other schools also began to apply for the grant as well!  This provided a problem because theoretically speaking EVERY school would have been eligible to apply for this grant.  So now who decides which school would receive the funding and why would those chosen be chosen over other schools?  So in the end this grant program was cancelled )-:

This brings up a good point about grant programs in that there are new ones being created (and alas cancelled) all the time!  You really have to keep on top of this kind of information.

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