Friday, July 14, 2006


I was posting on a message board asking about spammers.  As annoying as this is to people with email addresses some spammers actually make money at this.  (Why else would they do it?).

I remember a story on TechTV where they interviewed a woman spammer who sent out thousands of email spam a day!  She said the reason why she does it is because she actually gets customers this way!  Another story I read in the paper about a guy who made a lot of money by sending spam mail.  Not only did he make money by sending his spam, he made even MORE money from advertisers who wanted to advertise on his spam mail.  I guess the way that they look at it is that if they send thousands of spam mail they are likely to get a percentage of customers and even 1/10th of thousands could potentially mean a LOT of money! 

Even though you may delete or throw away that spam mail chances are you may actually get a customer or two if you send out enough of it.

Am I advocating spam mail?  No.  I hate getting it as much as everybody else.  And even with all the steps that have been added to get rid of spam mail you just can't seem to get rid of all of it.  Spammers find a way around it or just get a new email address.  Sometimes you can't even trace where the spam has come from!  So why does it still happen?  Because there is still a lot of money to be made.

PS - If you're thinking of starting your own spam campaign then you'd better be careful.  Many email accounts have been cancelled because of sending spam.  If you get enough complaints then your account could also be cancelled.

So what's the solution if you're trying to sell a product or a service?  You do it the right (and legitimate) way!

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