Saturday, July 01, 2006

Working From Home?

So many people are searching for "work at home" opportunities and the majority seem to want to be able to work for companies that will let them work at home.  Although there have been many of these kind of opportunities that have been posted a lot of them are scams or have some hidden kind of agenda.  However there are some out there that are completely legitimate.  For instance I have found information about 2 different companies hiring people to work from home.  One is an auto club that uses "at-home" workers to take and screen calls.  Another company has hired people to work from their homes taking calls from customers/people who want to order their forms.  Although these employers do not offer benefits they do allow you to choose your own hours.

Option number two would be for you to start your own business working from home.  What kind of business could you start?  Almost any type of business!  What kinds of businesses have people started from their own homes?  Writers, artists, graphic designers, desk-top publishing, tutoring, and almost anything else that you could imagine.  If you would like to see some good examples and read questions from others (and my reply to them) you can go to my consultation page at:

I am an example of someone who works at home.  I started my own business because I hated the job that I had and lots of people have done the very same thing!  Even though I love working at home I also have to remember that a certain amount of discipline is needed when one is working from home.

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