Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fan Mail - Help Becoming A GrantWriter

Hi Rose,

I have been reading your posts on Teacher.net and I went to your webpage for a browse. From what I see you are really good. Can you be my mentor???

I have always wanted to learn to be a grant writer. I have a BA in English and I am working on my MA in English right now. I am working as a technical writer but it is not very fulfilling. My unofficial job with family and friends is the researcher. I can find anything and I love it. I have been to several grant writing classes and seminars but I haven't actually written a grant. I am really chomping at the bit to do it. I have called and e-mailed a couple of local people through the volunteer center that need a grant writer so I will see what becomes of it.

I hope that we can at least talk back and forth about the basics, especially about the research part of it.

I look forward to your reply.


Thank you for your email.

Actually you have "hit the nail on the head" when you mention the word "research".  I believe that half of the work itself is the actually finding of the applicable grant programs.  This seems to be the problem that most people seem to be having.  They often get frustrated and angered to the point that they convince themselves that there aren't any programs that do exist.  Of course they are wrong and there is a lot of research that goes into finding these funding programs.

It is often suggested that grantwriters - when they first want to start out - do some volunteer work for some of their local non-profit organizations (although you could include individuals and for-profits as well).  You could find the funding programs that your local organizations are eligible for and notify them of your findings.  I don't know what results you have gotten so far with those you have written to but it is a very good place to start.  Another very good place to start would be with your family and friends.  Don't forget that grant programs (and funding) is not just limited to non-profit organizations.  There are programs to help individuals and families as well as for those that want to start their own (for-profit) business.  Your family, etc., are probably eligible for grant programs themselves and all it would take is for you to put your research skills in action and let them know of these funding programs.  So this would also be a very good place for you to start.

In fact you could turn this into a business of your own.  Have business cards and networking skills to help your business along.  Even having a website will be beneficial. 

It looks as though you are off to a very good start.

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