Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Are there REALLY any grant programs to help you pay your bills?

The bottom line is this: Are there programs that offer financial assistance to help you pay your bills? Of course the answer is yes and I'm not talking about loans I am talking about GRANTS - where you do not have to pay the money back.

There are programs for helping with mortgage/rent and especially bills relating to utilities such as heating. There is one program I was involved in where the client got a brand new boiler system and did not have to pay for the boiler or the installation! - A $3,000 job some have told me.

Ironic as it may seem the simple fact that searching for this information will bring forth results a LOT of people get frustrated to the point that they stop looking or they may even be looking too hard! These programs do exist you just have to find them!

A VERY good case in point: There was a grant program to provide a student with $400,000.00. The student had to be an orphan and they also had to study to be an engineer! Do you know that that program is in danger of being scrapped because they can't find anyone to apply for it!

So you can make fun about these grant programs but they have been around for years. (and I won't even get into the subject of the ones that being created!)

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