Saturday, June 24, 2006

What Type Of Grants Are Available For Childcare and/or Daycare Centers?

There is grant money available for providing childcare/daycare care services at both the state and federal levels.  However these grant programs will only be available to you if and only if you meet certain eligibility requirements.  What are the eligibility requirements?  Well it will depend on each and every individual grant program that you are interested in.  They all have their varying requirements and criteria and no two grant funding programs are exactly alike!  This means that you will have to go over each and every available grant program that you think you are eligible for and see what their specific requirements are.
Here is an excerpt:

"There are specific grants available for infants, toddlers and childcare, ranging from infants with disabilities, special education requirements. These grants for these purposes must be use for specific purposes: quality expansion; infant and toddler quality improvement; and child care resource and referral and school-age child care activities. "

And while non-profit entities are eligible for these programs, for-profits and individuals are also eligible for some of these programs as well.  In fact you may be surprised at the number of funding resources that are available for child/day care services that are run by both individuals and for-profits!

In one county $3 Million Dollars in grant money was provided to those that provided daycare in their homes (as well as other kinds of daycare providers) - they were classified as subcontractors and this grant money was provided simply because the need for child/day care was so great!

"All the research shows kids brains are developed at an early age," S~ said. "We need to emphasize quality child care and early childhood education."S~ said neither of the local counties had a licensed daycare center.  So B~ plans to open her daycare at her residence using $23,600 of the grant funds. Her facility will have four infant/toddler slots and six pre-school age slots. The remodeling is finished. I'm waiting for the children's equipment to come in," she said. "It should be here in the next five days. During summer months she will take kids ages six to 12. K~ plans to open her for-profit daycare in June with $26,800 in grant funds. This facility will have four infant/toddler slots and 16 slots for kids up to age five. "

Grant monies have also been awarded to those providing daycare to women who wanted to finish their high school education.  An interesting example is where in one community neither the school board or the community wanted to provide such a service so the grant program was amended so that a for-profit daycare could receive the grant funding!

There is also a program in place to help provide "seed" money to help with starting up your business.

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