Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Questions About Grantwriting?


Hello, my wife and I are just now starting down this long road of trying to find assistance in starting a daycare in a newly developed area in Colorado. I understand the service(s) that you provide, and have a couple questions. Mainly, I know your research services are $875, but I did not see your fees for the actual grant writing services...It appears to me that just as important as finding the grants is making sure you know how to fill out the forms properly. Second, this would be a for profit daycare, does that severely hinder the ability to get a grant? Third, S~ is the developer in our area, do you check with private organizations in your search for grants?

My wife has approximately 8 years in home daycare experience. She also
has a B.A. in Behavioral Sciences, is a licensed teacher, and has her
M.A. in Early Childhood Development...She is looking to create a
literacy based childcare center with a pre-K program, Kindergarten
program, as well as before and after school program...This particular
area has been deemed by our county as an "economic growth" area, they
offer plenty of tax incentives but no "grants"...Anyway, the specific
grants we would be looking for would be for new construction,
educational resources, equipment, etc....

Any help is greatly appreciated, I look forward to hearing from you.

Every client is required to fill out the questionaire that appears on the same page as the payment information sheet which is located at:


Amongst other questions, one of the questions asked is whether the project will be operated as a profit or non-profit or both? I ask that you please refer to this page because it answers some of your questions. For-profit daycares have received and will continue to receive grant funding.

Since the research that I do requires me to send the client ALL the information about the specific grant programs that information includes how and what is needed to apply for the funding program. Not all requirements are the same and some grant programs have simple application procedures while others are more complicated. No two grant programs are the same. Once the client has this information they can decide whether or not they want to apply on their own or whether or not they will want to hire a grant writer whether it is me or someone else.

My basic grantwriting fee is the same as the research BUT it will depend on the individual grant program that is being applied for and what is required for the application. The more information that is required and the more application work that has to be done - the higher the fee will be. So it will depend on the individual grant program and what they will require as far as application procedures are concerned. No two programs will be alike in what they require.

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