Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Getting A/The Grant?

If you are new to this whole "grant" process there is one thing that you have to know (actually there is more than one thing but I'll get to that later).

It seems to be a common belief that grants are automatically guarenteed.  They are not!  A lot of people are searching for grants to start a daycare and/or their own business and they automatically assume that once they find the grant that they will automatically receive it.  That is not true.  The truth is that you will have to apply for the grant and you will have to apply using their rules and guidelines.  You can't just take one standard grant application and just send it off to everyone.  You will have to follow the specific guidelines and requirements of each grant program's application process.  One of the main reasons why applications have been turned down or denied was because the application process was not followed correctly.

Your application may be amongst many applications and there may even be the occassion where your application is the only one!  The best rule of thumb to follow is that the application that best meets the objectives of the entity funding the grant will most likely be the application that receives the grant.

You don't get a grant right away by applying for it.  It has to go through of a process of evaluation along with the other grant applications that have been received.

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