Thursday, June 08, 2006

"I Have Found The House of My Dreams.........

I have found the house of my dreams +, it has all the amenaties to start my own business of Bed and Breakfast. It would be in the O~ county, in the country. I am in need of $200,000.00 to purchase the home and the 2 small single dwellings that come with it. Can ANYONE help me find the funding or fianancing for this? I am 53 yr, disabled, low income, and really want this place. I mean it just screams "g~, buy me".

I do know of a grant program that helps people pursue their dreams and have often recommended this grant program to my clients since it is open to both profit and non-profit endeavors.  If I were you I would find out more about this program and see if you qualify because their grant award is currently for $500,000.  Unfortunately it is not all paid at one time but if you think you qualify to apply then you should definitely find out more about this particular program since it is a grant program and not a loan program which means if you are granted the award you don't have to pay the money back.

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